Grade 7

Bigger Issues

Adolescents with a purpose-driven orientation towards life, combined with general and practical knowledge, develop greater stability and success. Making a positive contribution is a priority to find the peacefulness and serenity that comes from being a good leader who is an agent of change; change in the context of the people and world around them. They help build a sense of cohesiveness as a group by bringing together the student population with various leadership roles.

Teachers ensure a meaningfully link between different content areas within the curriculum so that students develop Big Issues as the Big Idea with the responsibility to make learning relevant; thus makes the concept of concrete goal-setting very evocative, emotive, and personally profound. Studying biodiversity, topography, marine life and social issues as outdoor educational learning programmes is paramount. It brings together words, art and the sciences into a multifaceted dimension and narrative.


  • Michelle Meyer (Grade Head)
  • Jonathan Fourie
  • Jonathan Raphael
  • Jordan Hall


  • Term 1: Leading Change
  • Term 2: Mapping Change
  • Term 3: Me, My Society and Change
  • Term 4: Embracing and Making Change