Grade 6

Conflict In Africa

Living positively and seeking out new opportunities in the broader spectrum of life’s experiences begins with experiencing everything that students feel will make a difference from the community, urban dwelling of city life, country and the African Continent. Relationships are therefore affected in a positive and a negative way when they live life with the understanding that life is about scientific friction and human conflict.

Students seek out peer relationships, nurture the existing ones, and build stronger connections with the people around them. They develop a resolve to be more helpful to the people they love and become a role model for families and friends. They live their lives with more curiosity, try to analyse destructive habits and help create a difference in the world by fighting for social justice. They desire to use their own abilities and interests to reach their full potential. Historical sites, venues and the theatre ignites learning in this respect.


  • Tamara Bright (Grade Head)
  • Denver Skippers
  • Shafeeq Brenner
  • Matt McGuinness


  • Term 1: Conflict in Me
  • Term 2: Conflict and Change
  • Term 3: Conflict with Others
  • Term 4: Conflict and Resolution