Grade 5

Touring Cape Town

An increase in synchronicity and serendipity is reported in the lives of students once they have found their purpose within and outside their current reality. With all this, comes a deepened sense of trust in others and thereforeĀ students automatically consider themselves to be an important part of the country. Our students naturally tend to live in the flow from an awareness of their commitment to the people around them with a deeper challenge to tackle every situation in a creative way. It makes life even more fun and they are able to take pleasure in living life as critical observers as well as local, connected and responsible inhabitants. Experiencing tourism as a tourist in Cape Town as the World Design Capital is a highlight while museums and heritage sites are fundamentally important. Students have the opportunity to participate more enthusiastically in the learning process and the classroom comes alive.


  • Shani Winter (Grade Head)
  • Henry Hayes
  • Nicomi Thomson
  • Joshua Stewart


  • Term 1: Why Cape Town?
  • Term 2: The Essence of Cape Town
  • Term 3: Tourism in Cape Town and Cairo
  • Term 4: Me, Energy and Change