Grade 4

Our Valley

Our Valley as our home helps us to distinguish ourselves. It is human nature to want to have a place to belong and to be special. Knowing about where we reside, gives life clarity, shapes us and gives us the opportunity to live with integrity. Our students engage mutually in The Valley as a part of a single interactive system which helps them to stay focused, find life’s purpose and find true passion to become important drivers to achieve something extraordinary.

Investigating and analysing evidence in The Valley embeds our students into the focus of the environment and immediate surroundings in order to serve the community more effectively. Mountain hikes, beach experiences and exploring historical places are key to spark and ignite thoughts and goals.


  • Christine De Lange (Grade Head)
  • Michael Best
  • Adele Jooste
  • Izanne van Niekerk


  • Term 1: Life and Living
  • Term 2: Exploring Fish Hoek
  • Term 3: Shifting Sands
  • Term 4: Dune Animals and False Bay