School Based Support Team

Each term the teachers in a grade meet with the Director: Interventions and the School Counsellor. This is called the School Based Support Team or SBST. This team evaluates the performance of the children in each class, identifies children who appear to have scholastic, emotional, physical, medical or behavioral issues and advises the teachers on how best to deal with the barriers. After perusing the Learning Profile on each of these children, a programme of Intervention is designed. The parents are informed and recommendations made.

Small Group Tuition

One of the recommendations made by the SBST (School Based Support Team) may be to place the child in our Learner Support Programme that is offered each week during the school day by our GAP (Guided Approach to Pedagogy) students. These students are trained and guided by our Director: Interventions.

The focus is to build confidence and close learning gaps. Often it means taking the child back in order to revisit the basics. Many of these children have language barriers and the additional attention provides valuable support. Small Group Tuition offers children the opportunity to become true champions in the classroom.


The school offers enrolment for children with special educational needs. These may include Learning, Physical, Medical or Emotional barriers. Although they are mainstreamed, realistic outcomes are designed for each candidate. Simply being in a mainstream environment can be therapy for a child as well as for the rest of the class. Parents with severe LSEN children (Learners with Special Educational Needs) will need to fund a facilitator to assist the class teacher. Our school boasts a large number of children who have been identified as LSEN in their early grades, but who later passed Grade 7 competently. This is indicative of what can be achieved by allowing children to develop at their own pace.

An application will be submitted to the WCED for Concessions and Accommodations should this be recommended in a Psychometric Assessment. During Formal Assessment week these children benefit by having a Scribe, Facilitator or Extra Time to support them through this process. The Director: Interventions appoints a group of trained parents to meet this need. The facilitators read the examination papers to the children and in the case of the scribe, record the answers given by the children. This provides an opportunity for bright children who have specific barriers, to perform well during the formal Assessment period.