Our Approach

A Primary School committed to integrating all learning so that skills, concepts, attitudes and values and not subjects are mastered. In a knowledge society, it is no longer possible to teach content. Where to find knowledge, how to navigate through the mountain of data and generate an opinion and a well constructed argument, is paramount.

Executive functioning takes place in the pre-frontal cortex. Data cannot reach this part of the human brain unless we feel SAFE and have a SENSE of BELONGING. This worthiness or whole-heartedness is a pre-requisite for effective learning. Once a student feels safe and worthy, the learning must be meaningful and relevant. Gone are the days of teach, test and hope for the best. 21st Century students have to NAVIGATE knowledge in a digital world. This requires critical thinking, problem solving, staying cool under pressure, collaborating with others, facilitating change while making use of digital devices.

Co-operative Learning (Collaboration)

From Grade R students learn the value of working as an independent member of an interdependent team. Group roles force accountability and soon students are able to work effectively as a team.

Multiple Intelligence (Choice)

We all learn differently. Students are exposed to the different styles of learning and are given choices to present work in their dominant style.

Success-based Teaching (Wholehearted)

We are in the business of creating champions. Champions are young people who have a good self-value and realistic expectations. We balance academic pressure with a great deal of laughter and humour ensuring that students love school, but perform well.

Full Service School (Inclusive)

We are a fully Inclusive School offering education to all students despite their disabilities or challenges.

Uncapped Curriculum

Merging the very best philosophies

In the early 1900’s Maria Montessori discovered that children learn best when they have long uninterrupted blocks to work with lots of choice. We have adopted her philosophy of an embedded classroom structure, with all the appropriate materials, for learning. This results in a detail driven, tactile learning space.

The 1980’s approach of Integrating all learning into meaningful themes is the power behind our Thematic Approach. Here skills, concepts, attitudes and values drives the design, with relevant content that is seldom repeated.

The 2000’s brought with it Outcomes-Based Education. This brilliant philosophy was badly implemented nationally, but proved to be an outstanding success at our school. We determined what the world of work and living required and designed down to ensure a successful product.

In 2012 we implemented Understanding by Design. Here essential questions (eQ) motivates critical thinking and metacognition in a rich, emotionally intelligent environment.

The current National Curriculum and Assessment Policy (CAPs) underpins the content base of our curriculum. We like to think that our Curriculum is totally, UNCAPPED!