Hoofies stands for Head Of Our Families. Hoofies are multi-aged families or units which comprise of seven children, one from each grade from Grade 1 to Grade 7.

These families meet every two weeks for half an hour. The Hoofie Leader (Grade 7) has an agenda that has been developed by a staff member who is responsible for the Hoofies Programme. Training is given to the Grade 7 family leaders by their class teachers. Every teacher has 4 Hoofie Families under their care. The session is led entirely by the Grade 7 leader of each family and the teacher simply supervises.

In essence:

  • Grade 7 students become Family Leaders.
  • There are about 128 Hoofie Families in the school.
  • 32 adults in the organisation supervise 4 Hoofie Families each.
  • There are 7 students in each family who are led by the Grade 7.

Family Successes:

  • It creates another connection in the school - across age groups
  • It forms a good support system
  • Children get to know another adult in the school
  • There is an increase in the comfort levels at school
  • Self-esteem increases
  • There are relationships built across the grades
  • There is continuity - each family stays the same. As a Grade 7 leaves at the end of the year, the Grade 6 becomes the new family leader and a new Grade 1 enters the family.
  • Guidance and advice is given
  • There is a sense of acceptance
  • Increased resilience is created

When people feel heard - they calm down.