At the heart of living, is our desire to be connected. In a relationship-based school, children are bigger than the challenge. Every child in our Group of Schools is unique. And although they learn to operate as a group, class, grade, phase or sporting house - their individuality remains a priority.

If the human being does not feel SAFE, it will not learn. Long term cognition is dependent on an environment that is SAFE. Our survival brains will REACT if the environment does not make us feel secure. Relationships make us feel SAFE.


Connected students leave the primary school in Grade 7 as competent, creative, connected champions. Every structure in the school is designed to make students feel part of the family.


The brain loves routine. A warm, structured school environment makes the brain feel SAFE. Regulations guide the routines, giving clear directions on what is acceptable.

Eyes of Acceptance

Our staff are trained to connect with their eyes. The Limbic (emotional) brain responds to implied messages. If the eyes are friendly, the brain responds by feeling SAFE and WORTHY.

Friendship Circles

We encourage play dates with students in the class to build a circle of friends. Children need to be in relationship with their peers.