About Sport


Sport at Sun Valley Group of Schools is a massive part of day to day life in our organisation. A student at SVGoS takes part in at least one Summer and one Winter Sport.

Each and every day our learners venture out to the fields to complete the 1km Walk-it Circuit. This is a specially designed circuit to enhance fitness, build muscle and co-ordination and cross the mid-line to assist learning.

In class, learners take part in a number of Movement activities. They perform Movement songs which are specifically designed to cross the Horizontal and Vertical Midlines. This “wakes up” the brain and aids learning in various subjects such as Literacy or Mathematics.

They also perform daily Mind Moves, techniques developed by a friend of the School, Dr Melodie De Jager. She specialises in enhancing learning through particular movements of the body. These also help our learners to feel safe and create a sense of belonging.

We are a competitive Sporting school. The best teams are selected to participate in fixtures and represent our school.

What we offer

We offer a vast range of sporting activities including Rugby, Soccer, Cricket, Mini-Cricket, Netball, Tennis, Waterpolo, Hockey, Volleyball, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Athletics - including Long Jump, Javelin and Shotput.

The Sports Academy also offers private tuition in Judo, Squash and Golf. Sunbird Sport is offered at a Grade R level.

Vital Stats
  • Ten sport tours a year
  • High level of Cricket: u13’s play Saturday league
  • Swimming: Currently 3rd in the zone
  • Waterpolo: u13A girls 2nd in the province for the past 4 years
  • Ever growing Tennis: Unbeaten in 2014
  • One of the top co-ed Rugby schools
  • Top Netball school in the province. All teams unbeaten in league. Top Schools festival for 3 years running.
  • Top Soccer School in the province: u12-u16 all unbeaten in league. u16’s 8th in the country.