Small Group Tuition

Small Group Tuition is a private remedial programme that runs at our school. Our Small Group Tutor is Mrs Heather Keller. Children who have learning challenges are identified at the Education Support Team (EST) meeting.

Each Grade meets with the Phase Head and the School Counsellor once a term. At this meeting the Phase Head goes through each class identifying children who scholastic, emotional, physical, medical and behavioural barriers. Through discussion and perusal of learner profiles, a plan of action is designed.

The parents are informed and recommendations are made. One of the recommendations could be enrolment in the Small Group Tuition programme. Here, children are withdrawn from the class in small groups for tuition. The focus is to build confidence and close learning gaps. Often it means taking the child back in order to revisit the basics.

Perhaps, as a result of concentration challenges, emotional disturbances or poor teaching skills, a child may miss a crucial aspect. This is revisited and mastered.

The small group environment creates time for learners to build their confidence and believe in their capacity. The result is a confident learner who achieves well.

Small Group Tuition offers children the opportunity to become true champions in the classroom.

Payment Plan

Small Group Tuition now forms part of the Primary School intervention programme and is employed by the Governing Body.  School tuition fees do not include Small Group Tuition.  You will be billed for tuition on your School Fee account.  Lessons will, however, not begin until the first payment has been receipted each term. Payments are now to be made to Sun Valley Primary School (see banking details in Homework Book).

Each student enrolled will receive one lesson a week in the selected subject/learning area.  No lessons will be given during Assessment Week for Grade 4-7 and occasionally during Funscapes Week because of the school programme. Grade 1-3 students will continue to receive lessons during Assessment Week. Should your child be absent or away on a class outing, the lesson is, unfortunately, forfeited. Termination of the Small Group requires a one term notice period.